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Painting & Decorating - Plumbing - Plastering - Tiling - Carpentry - Sash Windows - Fencing - Gutters & Rainwater - Flooring


Career no. 59B/4/08.

  1. Purpose: utility

  2. I work in N8, but have been spotted as far away as Muswell Hill.

  3. I use local traders for materials, which supports local business.

  4. I don't advertise. You're looking at the marketing.

  5. Sometimes it goes well. Sometimes it's crap. Bear with me, it'll be great - eventually.

  6. Enquiries: davidjsscott@mac.com

Status update as @ April 27th 2019

Thank you for your interest in my service. The service is running at around 100% capacity, so just get in touch via the usual channels. And if I can't do it, I can refer it onwards to reliable people who can.

Thanks for looking, thanks for your patience as ever.

Please e-mail me and I can take it from there.

If the button above dosen't work, just use the address in the box above, that'll get to me eventually.

Thanks for looking,


April 2019

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